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Dr. Richard T. Cheng

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Dr. Richard T. Cheng

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Dr. Richard T. Cheng (MS CS ’69, PhD ’71) established a professorship in 2015 to help CS @ ILLINOIS retain and attract talented faculty. An influential educator, who founded the computer science departments at the Rochester Institute of Technology and Old Dominion University, Dr. Cheng’s philanthropy at Illinois began more than 15 years ago when he established the Richard T. Cheng Endowed Fellowship in Computer Science. Dr. Cheng’s influence also reached beyond CS departments in the United States. He helped establish the College of Computer Science and Engineering at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, where he also advised the government about the nation’s computer network.

An entrepreneur, he founded ECI Systems & Engineering in 1980. At its peak, the Virginia-based company was a leading integrated systems provider for the U.S. military and government, with annual sales of $50 million, more than 500 employees, and 32 offices around the world. In 2011, Cheng was recognized by the College of Engineering at Illinois with the Alumni Award for Distinguished Service for his outstanding leadership in education and in business.

“Opium is something that will make you feel good for a short time but sick all the time.”



This book describes the life experience of the author, from three years old to his retirement at 66 years old. He was called the $240 Million Professor by Transpacific Magazine. In his youth. he had suffered from Japanese invasion of China. While his father was fighting the Japanese in the front, he and his mother had to move from one province to the other, in order to escape the invading Japanese. In the meantime, lots of moving and frightening events had occurred. After WWII, they escaped to Taiwan when Communists took over the mainland.



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